As your organization changes from year to year, your insurance needs may change. Whether your Council participates in new activities, hosts new events or has changes to its membership, Lockton Affinity provides access to a variety of insurance policies that can help safeguard your organization throughout it all.

You begin hosting events with alcohol

When alcohol is served, your organization needs proper insurance to protect against the risks and liability associated with alcohol. Depending on the type of event, whether your organization is hosting or renting out its buildings, you will need different insurance coverage.

The Lockton Affinity difference: To protect your council while serving alcohol, Lockton Affinity’s Council Insurance Program includes Host Liquor insurance to cover the costs associated with incidents of bodily injury or property damage from serving alcoholic beverages. Plus, Lockton Affinity provides risk management tips to help your council prevent claims from occurring.

Your membership fluctuates

Membership changes happen every year—Numbers go up or down. New officers are elected on an annual basis. Volunteers come and go.

Depending on the role people hold at your organization, there are policies your council may need, including Workers’ Compensation, Volunteer Accident, Employee Dishonesty and Directors and Officers insurance.

The Lockton Affinity difference: With more than 35 years of experience insuring fraternal organizations, we understand the nature of volunteer officer positions. Our specialized team is here to help new officers get up to speed on the insurance needs of your organization as quickly as possible. Plus, Lockton Affinity’s policy adjusts seamlessly to changes in your membership.

You decide to host a special event for fundraising

Many activities, including fundraising activities, may not be covered by basic general liability or umbrella policies. Due to the additional exposures associated with some special events, you may need to purchase a separate policy to ensure coverage for the event.

For example, bake sales, dinners, silent auctions and garage sales are likely covered under a general liability policy. However, carnivals, events with fireworks and tractor pulls may require a separate policy.

The Lockton Affinity difference: Lockton Affinity offers a Special Event policy you can add to protect your organization when hosting atypical events. Plus, our dedicated insurance representatives have been trained to understand the risks councils face, so a quick call will help ensure your events are properly insured.

Meeting Your Insurance Needs Now and in the Future

Lockton Affinity has been offering best-in-class insurance for councils like yours for more than 35 years, so our dedicated team understands the risks you face.

Help protect your council’s future and meet your insurance needs with Lockton Affinity. Get started today.