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Parade Safety Tips for Council Members

As summer ramps up, so do city celebrations and parades. If your council participates regularly in these celebrations, ensure everyone is safe and thoughtful with these parade participation safety tips. 10 Parade Safety Tips for Councils Plan ahead Announce the event to all your members, determine a meeting spot, distribute route maps and organize vehicles. [...]

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Council Member Wellness — Helping Your Members Mentally, Physically and Emotionally

While it’s no secret that Council help members make lasting connections and feel part of the community, your organization can likely do even more to help Council member wellness mentally, physically and emotionally. Read on for specific events and ideas your organization can implement to help Council members’ mental, physical and emotional health.   Council [...]

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Creating a Culture of Safety at Your Council

Without a strong culture of safety in place at your organization, unsafe conditions can go uncorrected or unnoticed. Volunteers and members may not feel comfortable raising safety-related concerns and the risk of serious injuries may increase. To make your Council safer, it is important to take a proactive approach before incidents occur. With the right [...]

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Tips for Managing Host Liquor Liability Risks

Alcohol is an important part of many celebrations, but it can also contribute to accidents, injuries and death. The potential liability for damages resulting from the consumption of alcohol has expanded over time to include the entities serving alcohol. If your council hosts an event at which beer, wine or spirits are served, you could [...]

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Tips for Gathering Safely

There's a lot to think about when you're planning a council event. In the past, things used to be simple. Just print up a flyer and wait for everyone to show up. But these days, even a small event takes more planning to pull off. Even before the pandemic, it was becoming increasingly important to [...]

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Top 10 Safety Risks of Outdoor Events

As the weather gets nicer, many councils will plan outdoor events for members and guests. Everyone enjoys spending time outside, participating in a parade, having a picnic or just enjoying the great outdoors. But for event attendees to enjoy a safe outing, organizers need to spend some time thinking about what might go wrong. Every [...]

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Your Guide to Working with Vendors

Working with vendors can be extremely beneficial to your council. Specialized vendors that handle your council's food and beverage, alcohol, cleaning or technical needs can be a big help, boosting efficiency while saving on costs. But working with vendors also presents some challenges. Partnering with a vendor can expose your council to added risk, so [...]

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